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What is GabrielAI

GabrielAI is an AI assistant that works for helping you managing your Gmail inbox.

Right now, it works only on Gmail.

Gabriel works with email filters and auto reply commands.

Every email that your inbox receives goes through all the filters you have set up, but either one filter or zero filters are selected.

If one filter got selected, the autoreply command kicks in and write a possible reply to the email - the reply is saved as a draft but it is not automatically send for you. This allows to double check the content, tweak it, and finally just send it.

A special label is added to all the email that Gabriel writes for you: "🤖 GabrielAI", in this way it is always clear which email was drafted by Gabriel and which one you or your team created.

Filters and commands are the main components of Gabriel.

Let's explore them!


Gabriel's filters are natural language text describing which email should be filtered.

They have access to the email content, the subject and the sender.

In the filter you can describe the content of the email, for instace:

The email is about an issue with the new video feature.

Or the sender:

The email is from somebody from colubia university, it terminates with

Or the subject:

The subject is automatically generated from the ticketing system

Gabriel select THE MOST APPROPRIATE filter - so you can have two similar filters with different key words, and it will pick the correct one.


Actions describe how the email should be drafted.

They can describe the content, the style, informations to include, information NOT to include, how to sign the email, etc...

Each action is separated from the other, so informations that should be available to all the actions must be repeated in each one of them.

For instance if in your first action you specify the phone number of your bussines, you must specify the phone number again in your second action.

You can include all this information at the end of your actions and copy and paste it.

For instance:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 555 10 23 456
Address: 5424 West Road San Francisco

Gabriel will use only the information it needs when drafting emails.

Combining actions and filters can be a very powerful way to reduce workload, decrease the time you use in answering emails and stress from a big and always growing inbox.

Automatic summaries

GabrielAI implements automatic summaries for you.

It send a summary of all your emails, in a single short email digest. The email digest helps in avoiding opening dozens and dozens of emails to understand which email is actually important.