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Automatic Summaries

One of the most interesting features of GabrielAI is automatic summaries.

Reading dozens on emails to understand which email is actually important and which one can be deferred is a huge time waste and stress generator.

For this reason, we created automatic email summaries.

How it works

GabrielAI checks periodically if you have a backlog of unread emails.

If such is the case, it summarizes each of those emails and sends you one single email digest.

You don't have to do anything for autosummaries emails to work - they just work.

The email digest contains all the emails that are unread and are in your inbox.

We avoid creating a summary for the emails already read or the ones classified as SPAM.

The summary allows you to quickly scan your email inbox and decide which email is the most important and which one does not need your attention yet.

Update your preferences

It is possible to update your preferences regarding GabrielAI email summaries.

Each summary email will contain instruction on how to update:

  1. The frequency of your summaries
  2. The times when you receive those summaries
  3. Unsubscribe from the summaries