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GabrielAI, Privacy and Security

Inherent to Gabriel's functionality is the need for access to our customers' emails.

We recognize the sensitivity of this requirement for some users and aim to elucidate our data usage practices.

We Safeguard Your Email Data

First and foremost, it's crucial to emphasize that we do not store your emails.

Instead, we securely store the IDs of your emails, utilizing them to request Gmail or Outlook to retrieve the corresponding content.

Importantly, once you revoke Gabriel's permission to access your email, we immediately lose all access to both past and future emails.

Not training with your email

We use 3rd party model to provide the best service - specifically OpenAI/ChatGPT.

OpenAI does not use the content we provide for training - your email is read only once and NOT stored.

This is well specified in the Enterprise privacy at OpenAI that says:

We do not train on your business data (data from ChatGPT Team, ChatGPT Enterprise, or our API Platform)

Robust Software Security

While we refrain from retaining any sensitive user data, our commitment to security adheres to the highest software standards.

GabrielAI has successfully undergone the Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) by the App Defense Alliance, a mandatory process mandated by Google.

The assessment was a significant investment of our resources, leading to a delay in our time to market by at least 3 weeks. However, it was the correct choice to safeguard our customers, and we are pleased that we went through this rigorous process.

Passing this assessment on our first attempt underscores the already elevated level of security we maintain.

CASA involves a meticulous evaluation, encompassing both automated and human checks, ensuring that our application aligns with the best practices in terms of security and privacy.

We are proud to affirm that we have successfully passed all applicable checks, demonstrating our dedication to robust security measures.

Our Rigorous Risk Model

At GabrielAI, trust is paramount in our operations.

We understand that without your trust, we cannot function as a business.

Recognizing the challenges of both losing and gaining trust, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure your confidence in us.

Trust is not just a priority but an existential requirement for GabrielAI's existence.

Business Model: Service, Not Exploitation

GabrielAI operates on a straightforward business model: we sell a service.

Our customers are not the product; instead, you are our valued customer.

Your payment to us translates into the provision of a service, accompanied by a concrete commitment to safeguarding and securing your data.

Your data is treated with the utmost care and security.