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Delete your account

We would love for you to use our product over and over.

We put a lot of effort, time, and skills into building.

But it may happen that it is not the right product for you.

Or it is not the right product RIGHT NOW for you.

Or you were just testing it, and it didn't work out.

It is ok! It happens. No hard felling.

We would love if you could share your feedback over email at [email protected] but you don't have to.

Remove yourself

We respect immensily your privacy, for this reason we do not store any of your emails on any information that we MUST store to do our job.

There is no need to delete your account from our service, simply because there is nothing to delete.

However, you need to remove the permissions that you granted to GabrielAI to read your Gmail inbox.

This process can be done sonely by you, without us being able to do anything about it, nor influencing it in any way.

Just head to the Google Connection Page.

From there you can see all the applications that are connected to your Google account.

Find the "Gabriel-AI" application and click on it.

Finally click on "Delete all connections you have with Gabriel-AI".

After this, it will be impossible for us to have access top your emails.

We will not send you any summaries anymore.

You have successfuly delete yourself from GabrielAI.

We will also stop charging yourself.

Building on trust

It is important for us that you are freely able to delete yourself from our application with just a couple of clicks.

We build our service on trust.

If you are able to delete yourself and the connection between us and your Gmail inbox you will surely trust us more.