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GabrielAI for Customer Support

One of the most common use cases for GabrielAI is in customer support.

GabrielAI does not replace customer support agents; instead, it enhances their performance by making them faster, more accurate, less prone to errors, and more thoughtful.

Overall, businesses employing GabrielAI may require fewer customer support agents, streamlining operations while increasing profit margins.

Transitioning Support Roles to Engineering and Sales

GabrielAI significantly lightens the workload of support roles.

Some organizations are reallocating customer support responsibilities to other departments such as engineering and sales.

Although these roles may come with higher staffing costs, they benefit from direct customer interaction.

Engineers engaging directly with customers can better understand their pain points, leading to a product that addresses these issues more effectively and shortening the feedback loop, thus improving the overall product quality.

Sales representatives, through deeper empathy and understanding of customer needs, can enhance sales effectiveness.

We do not advocate for replacing the entire customer support department with engineers or salespeople. However, GabrielAI facilitates a lighter customer support environment where these roles can contribute, leading to a more efficient sales force and better integration with engineering.

Structuring GabrielAI for Customer Support

There are various ways to set up GabrielAI for customer support, but the most effective approach is leveraging context to provide all potentially useful information and filters to direct GabrielAI's use of that information effectively.

Curating the Context

Experienced members of your organization, possibly engineers, should curate the context for customer support roles.

The context should encompass all prerequisites that need addressing before using the product or its features.

Treat the context as a dynamic document, continually adding new information.

For example, whenever a new user friction point arises, incorporate it into the context to ensure future communications address or check for these points.

Similarly, remove outdated information from the context. If a product evolves to address a common pain point, update or remove it from the context to streamline GabrielAI's responses.

Curating the Filters

GabrielAI can discern subtle differences between filters.

An effective setup includes a general catch-all filter and specific filters for common requests.

The general filter guides users to provide more information and suggests default troubleshooting steps.

Specific filters address distinct issues with clear instructions on the next steps.

Like the context, treat filters as living documents.

Add new filters for common questions to expedite handling.

Remove redundant filters or those addressing resolved issues to maintain clarity.

Available Support

If you need assistance in configuring GabrielAI for your customer support needs, please don't hesitate to reach out!


Check out our video showcasing GabrielAI in a real-world Upwork scenario:

GabrielAI for Customer Support