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The Best Email Assistant

There are many tools that help with writing.

Some tools focus on writing scientific papers, some help fiction writers, and others assist with writing emails.

These tools are great, and they definitely serve a purpose.

However, they are NOT assistants.

You still have to do most of the work.

Sure, it's faster, the text is generated quickly, it contains fewer errors, sounds more professional, etc...

But those are not assistants, and the user still needs to think and spend time with those tools.

GabrielAI is the best email assistant you can find on the market.

Unlike other tools, it does not require the most expensive and precious resource that you and all the other tools need: you.

GabrielAI is a real email assistant because it removes work from your busy schedule and allows you to save time, money, and stress.


You no longer need to constantly check emails to stay on top of things.

With our autosummary feature, you will get one email that summarizes all the emails you have missed.

No need to continuously refresh your client.

Stop feeling overwhelmed by the huge amount of emails in the morning or after your lunch break.

GabrielAI, THE best email assistant, will just send you a comprehensive summary of all the things you have missed.

Being Organized

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all your emails were organized with the labels and in the folders that you need?

Without you having to do the work?

Ideally, a few seconds after you receive your email?

This is what an email assistant is for, right?

And this is what GabrielAI delivers with its smart filters!

Just describe which emails belong in which label or folder, and you will find them automatically in the right place! In a few seconds!

Respond Quickly and Stress-Free

A real email assistant would not be complete if it couldn't take typing and thinking off your hands.

And again, GabrielAI delivers!

Describe the scenario that GabrielAI should handle for you. Describe which email you would like GabrielAI to reply to and how you would like it to reply. Then forget about it.

GabrielAI is a tireless assistant that will examine each email you receive. If the emails match your description, it will generate a draft for you.

You only need to double-check it and send it!

This is real time-saving.

A Real Email Assistant

GabrielAI is a real email assistant. The best email assistant you can currently find on the market!

Try GabrielAI today

You can try GabrielAI today.