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Smart filter using AI in Gmail

Navigating through Gmail filters can be an arduous task, often leaving users frustrated. Traditional filters rely on rigid rules that are cumbersome to create and lack flexibility.

The most common filtering criteria revolve around the sender's identity or specific keywords found in the subject or body of the email. However, these conventional rules frequently miss the mark, failing to efficiently categorize emails based on their true intent.

Consider a scenario where a small business owner manages an online store. Their inbox is inundated with various types of emails, including customer inquiries, order confirmations, shipping updates, and supplier communications. Traditional email filters struggle to differentiate between these diverse categories, often leading to missed opportunities and inefficiencies in managing business correspondence.

With GabrielAI's Smart Filters, you can revolutionize your email management workflow:

  • Customer Inquiries: "If the email is about a customer seeking information on products or services."
  • Order Confirmations: "If the email is about confirming new orders placed by customers."
  • Shipping Updates: "If the email is about providing shipping updates or tracking information."
  • Supplier Communications: "If the email is about communications from suppliers regarding inventory, pricing, or shipments."

By utilizing natural language descriptions, GabrielAI empowers you to effortlessly organize your inbox according to the specific needs of your business. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually sorting through emails and hello to streamlined email management with GabrielAI's Smart Filters.

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