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GabrielAI the Email Assistant App

Many web application can help being more efficient in your day to day.

GabrielAI is an app that is different from most other application and helps you in managing your emails.

If you are looking to manage automatically your emails, GabrielAI is the app for you.

A web app

GabrielAI is a web app, there is nothing to install in your phone or computer.

But you can definitely use it on both your smarthphone, Android, Iphone, Mac or Windows machine.

You just need to connect to the web app and you will be able to manage GabrielAI.

Set the app once

GabrielAI is the kind of app that works in the background for you!

You only need to set it up once, maybe tweak it depending on your results, but you only need to do it once.

After your set up is done the app works for you in the backgroun, checking and analyzing every one of your emails.

No code app

GabrielAI is a no code app.

All the difficult part of understanding how to manage your inbox is already being handle by us.

You only need to describe how you want your emails to be handled.

Maybe you want all the emails about the wedding in a specific folder? You can just say: "If the email is about the wedding then put it into the "WEDDING" folder"

Or you want to automatically draft a reply for all the invoices that you receive over email? You can just say: "If the email is a request for a new invoice, reply thanking the supplier for their service and let them know that we will process the payment in the next 5 working days"

For using the GabrielAI app you don't need to learn coding or manage complicated email filters. Just describe what you want your new virtual email assistant to do for you.

A subscription app

With GabrielAI we want to offer the best service, at the best price.

We made GabrielAI for everyone, so that every single office worker, freelancer or small bussinees owner can afford it.

You pay the email assistant app only when you are using. You can stop paying us any time without being locked in multi year service agreements.

The app for tidy up your inbox

GabrielAI allows you to keep you inbox tidy and well ordered.

You just need to describe how to categorize the new emails - in which folder to put them or which label to apply. The GabrielAI app will automatically take care of it for you!

The app for saving time each day

GabrielAI saves you time each day with its email summary feature.

You don't need to do anything but saving time. You will regularly receive a summary email with the digest of all the unread emails in your inbox.

No need anymore to spend the morning figuring out which emails is important and which is not. Just read your summary email and start your day faster.

The app to save you stress

GabrielAI saves you stress each day by automatically drafting responses to the most common emails you receive.

You just need to describe to it how to reply and to which email. Again, no special tool. Just describe what the app it should be doing.

In the background, tirelessly, GabrielAI will work for you. Generating professional, simple and clean emails for you. You just need to double check it and send the email.

Try GabrielAI today

You can try GabrielAI today.