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Virtual Email Assistant

A virtual email assistant helps you in managing your email load.

They are a great service for busy executives and rich business owners.

But they are EXPENSIVE!

When you hire a virtual email assistant you are hiring a person, working for you, oftentimes in a different time zone.

This employer needs a wage that can be substantial, and of course, it does not work during holidays (everybody needs to relax), it does not work at night (everybody need to sleep) it does not work during lunch breaks (everybody needs to eat) and makes mistakes (as every human.)

Besides all those shortcomings and beside the high price, they are a wonderful service for executives in big corporations, where budget is not an issue, or for busy business owner for which time is extremely expensive.

But what about the rest of us?

What about the smaller employer, in a small or medium company, that receives too many every day?

What about the small business owner that cannot afford another employer on its payroll?

What about the academic professor who doesn't have the budget to hire anyone?

Should we all just live with our huge email load, understand that there is nothing we can do, and move on with our lives?

I am not ok with the idea of dreading each morning, when I open my emails, and find dozens upon dozens of emails that I need to go through.

Some of those are important, and they require my attention. Some other are just noise, marketing, and stuff I don't care about.

A virtual email assistant would solve this problem for me.

It would categorize most of the email in neatly organized folders or labels.

It would then send me only one email, where I can see the summaries of all the emails I received during the night. In this way, I could just skim the email summary, skip the ones that I don't care about, and focus only on the important ones.

A great virtual assistant would also understand how to answer some emails. Some repetitive emails don't need to be answered over and over again. I would teach my virtual email assistant how to answer a whole class of emails, what to include in each response, where to look for the information, and presto! I would just need to double-check and send the email!

Wouldn't be wonderful for someone else doing this work for me?

Introducing GabrielAI - your virtual email assistant

With the advancement of AI, we finally have the tools to build this virtual assistant.

And it is so cheap that everybody can afford it!

GabrielAI is capable of neatly organize your inbox. Just a few seconds after you receive your email, the correct labels are applied and your inbox will be neatly organized and easy to follow in no time.

GabrielAI also summarizes your email for you. It saves so much time in the morning to simply skim your email summaries instead of your whole inbox. It makes it so much simpler to know where to focus your attention.

Finally, GabrielAI can create drafts of your emails following your instructions. You just need to explain how to reply to each email and it will create drafts ready for you to review and send.

The virtual email assistant for everyone

GabrielAI is a virtual email assistant that everyone can use! To use GabrielAI you just need to describe in plain text how it should behave. No complex filters, nothing new to learn, just tell it how it should handle your emails.

GabrielAI is a no-code tool for everyone.

The tireless virtual email assistant

GabrielAI works every day for you, behind the scenes, tirelessely. Does not matter if it is the weekend, or late at night.

Each email that you receive will be handle quickly, in just a few seconds.

By the time you see the email in your inbox there is already a label applied to it and a draft ready to be sent as reply.

The cheap virtual email assistant

GabrielAI was created to help EVERYBODY, and I really mean EVEYRBODY, to handle their email load.

It is priced in such a way that it is a no brainer for all the office worker. It saves hours and hours each day and week and it cost a mere fraction of it.

Virtual email assistants are not anymore something for reach executives or bussiness owner.

Every employee, freelancer, academic can now afford its very own virtual email assistant.

Try GabrielAI today

You can try GabrielAI today.