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GabrielAI introduces "Human"

Dublin - 7 June 2024

GabrielAI, the leader in email managements with AI, is launching human

GabrielAI provides the most advanced email management solution for emails, including automatic summary generation, smart filtering, and automatic generation of email drafts.

As leaders in email management, we have developed tools to manage automatically emails inboxs.

However, automatic tools are not always enough for our customers and they need more help in managing the email inbox.

We discover that the biggest hurdles to get to a clean and productive inbox are the very first steps:

  1. Deleting old emails not useful anymore
  2. Organize years of emails in a way that works for our customers
  3. Unsubscribe from the mailing list not interesting anymore
  4. Creating the correct labels that work best in the day-to-day operations
  5. Creating the best filters to categorize each email

After these first steps are done, it is much simpler to manage and keep an email inbox organized, clean, and productive.

Introducing Human

To help our clients overcome the first big hurdle of cleaning their email inbox for the first time, we introduce human.

The service is provided by real humans who connect with the clients, listen to their needs, understand the client's pain points, and how the client uses their email inboxes.

We then help our clients to:

  1. Get rid of all the old emails,
  2. Creating labels to organize the emails in a way that works for our specific client,
  3. Unsubscribe or organize mailing lists and,
  4. Create the correct filters.

This process is done in close collaboration with our clients, to guarantee that no important information is lost.

Fast process

We aim to complete our new "human" service in only 2 business days.

Being able to quickly improve our customer lives is the main focus of GabrielAI - hence our goal is to serve all of our customers in 2 days.

Still an AI-focused company

"Human" as a product is not a pivot from our AI-first strategy.

We can offer this service cheaply and with such fast leading time SPECIFICALLY because of our focus on AI.

Comparable service are much less precise, much more expensive, and much slower.

With "human" we are leveraging AI for what AI does best, avoiding human collaborators the grunt, boring, tedious, and, error-prone work.

All this while using our human collaborators for their empathy, understanding of the specific situations, and the innate willingness of helping each other out.

"Human" can be purchased today at: